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tio, si no hay subtitulos en español, me quedo igual jajaja

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Ahi tienes xDD El notas se quedo callado y se dio media vuelta.

Yes it's me....da B.I.G.

Competition rapper ever since 13

Used 2 steal clothes/ I was considered a thief

Until I started hustlin of Fulton Street

Makin loots, knockin boots on da regular

Pass da microphone Im da perfect competitor

Jewels is all dat/Da clothes is all dat

Chumps steppin 2 me/dat's where u took ya fall at.......

B.I.G. without damurda dat's unheard of

I stay close 2 mine like Tina on Turner

Quick 2 smother a punk muthaphucka undercover

Word 2 mother I'm above ya

And I love ya/ Cuz u a sweet bitch

A crazy crab u mite make my dick itch

I flow looser than Luther/My wordz u get used 2

B.I.G. is a born trooper...

xDDDDDDDD :coolface:
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