Peliculas de juegos por venir

Conversación publicada en el foro Cine/Television/Series

NOTA: Algunas de estas peliculas ya han sido confirmadas, otras son rumores.

Far Cry - release date august 1,2008 directed by uwe boll

Max Payne - october 17 2008

Street Fighter: the legend of chun li - february 27 2009

Tekken - 2009

Bioshock - in production to be released along side with the third bioshock game confirmed

Area 51

Castlevania - targeted release date 2009

Deus Ex

Devil May Cry

Halo - it seems dead but its still in production and peter jackson is still involved
Mortal Kombat Devastation - Slated for release 2010

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - release date 2009, its already being made, jake gyllenhaal is playing the prince

Splinter Cell: The Movie

Duke Nukem

Eternal Darkness

Metal Gear Solid - confirmed by hideo kojima himself


Silent Hill 2 - there will be a sequel

Soul Caliber - its been picked up by a studio they just have to finalize the deal would have 50 million dollar budget its being reported

God of War-in production bret ratner is looking to direct this movie the guy who made x-men 3 and all three rush hour movies

Gears of War- is gonna be made directed by len wiseman the guy who did underworld its being made by new line cinema if everything goes as plan this movie should see a release date of 2010

The Sims- yes they are really gonna make a movie about sims. It will be made by 20th century fox studios

World of Warcraft- is looking to have a budget around 100 million dollars and up uwe boll will not direct this movie

Resident Evil 4 - its still in early stage of development but will be made

Tom Clancy rainbow six

Spyro the dragon- of course it will be animated

Kane & Lynch - being made by lionsgate studios

Upcoming Video game movies

En mi opinion, tengo sentimientos encontrados con estas y todas las peliculas de juego y/o series (anime).

Me refiero, claro que me gustaria ver una pelicula de God Of War, ver una buena historia de Kratos.

Pero, tengo miedo a que sea una perdida de dinero, tiempo y esfuerzo porque la mayoria hasta ahora no han sido muy buenas que digamos (en algunos casos han arruinado las cosas).

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