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Pues al final la he devuelto 2 veces, la primera me dio errores de encendido (a veces se ponia a parpadear el LED y no encendia), y la segunda tenia el audio de un HDMI escacharrao, asique me he pasado a la Sony D3000, que aunque no sea FullHD no le tiene nada que envidiar.

victorr en esa tele no hacen falta para nada los 100 Hz porque se ve muy nitido en movimiento, los paneles de sharp son muy buenos, no como su electronica. Aunque lo mio y de algun otro usuario de Avforums pueden ser casos aislados.
k3v1N90 de menos pulgadas no tienes FullHD. En nada van a salir unas nuevas Panasonic serie 80/800 que tambien traen 1080p nativos en 32".
alguien ha encontrado informacion sobre los nuevos modelos de panasonic en 32" full hd serie 80/800?. en medimark me comentaron k a final de mes salen estos nuevos de panasonic y k van a ser una pasada, tambien me hablo de un toshiba 32" full hd, si alguien tiene informacion por favor k me la pase. JOSELE 6969 tu k me distes la pista a ver si encuentras algo. GRACIAS DE ANTEMANO

alguien ha encontrado informacion sobre los nuevos modelos de panasonic en 32" full hd serie 80/800?. en medimark me comentaron k a final de mes salen estos nuevos de panasonic y k van a ser una pasada, tambien me hablo de un toshiba 32" full hd, si alguien tiene informacion por favor k me la pase. JOSELE 6969 tu k me distes la pista a ver si encuentras algo. GRACIAS DE ANTEMANO

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Mira un serie 80 de 32" FullHD:

Lo siento pero es mucho para traducir esto, y el traductor google da tiña xD

Originally Posted by Panasonic Press Release LCD
Full HD Models
LZD800 Series: TX-37LZD800
LZD85 Series: TX-37LZD85, TX-32LZD85
LZD80 Series: TX-37LZD80, TX-32LZD80
HD Ready Models
LXD85 Series: TX-37LXD85, TX-32LXD85

Panasonic's Line-Up of VIERA Flat-Panel TVs
Takes a Step Forward in 2008
– Superior Reproduction of Fast-Moving Images, Easy Operation and Eco-Friendliness –

Panasonic recently announced the launch of its VIERA series of plasma and LCD TVs for 2008. This year's line-up of VIERA flat-panel TVs has been greatly strengthened. A new 46-inch plasma TV has been added to further reinforce the full-HD range. And the addition of a 100Hz double speed LCD TV rounds out the line-up with high-quality images and extra versatility.
The line-up also comes with four pillars of the Viera concept: impressive picture quality, easy operation, brilliant sound and environmental consciousness. In addition, these superior performance features are moulded into stunning designs to form one of the most attractive TV series ever.

Impressive Picture Quality
The new VIERA models reproduce fast-moving images with outstanding sharpness. Their wide-ranging colour reproduction lends rich expression to movie colours, whilst their high contrast ratios create deep, life-like blacks. Picture quality at this level stirs the emotions and adds to the excitement of watching athletes in heated competition, breathtaking multi-coloured sunsets, or vibrantly colourful resorts and other landscapes.

Easy Operation
In addition to brilliant picture quality, VIERA models offer the easy operation made possible by VIERA Link and the SD card slot1. VIERA Link lets you operate other connected Panasonic AV components using only the VIERA TV's remote control unit. The majority of the VIERA line-up is equipped with a slot for large-capacity SDHC cards. Remove the SD memory card from your digital still camera, slip it in the slot, and you can view a slideshow of your photos on VIERA's big, beautiful screen. In addition, PZ800 series models support the next-generation AVCHD-standard for full-HD moving images, which lets users directly enjoy high-quality full-HD moving pictures with the convenience of a cordless system.

Environmentally Conscious Products
Environmental consideration starts with the design stage, because Panasonic cares about the future of our earth. Lead-free plasma panels and an improved panel life of up to 100,000-hours are examples of how VIERA production helps to conserve the earth and its resources. What’s more, functions now include a new ECO mode to help lower power consumption.

VIERA TV technologies bring higher levels of quality, versatility and enjoyment to home entertainment in the strongest flat-panel display line-up ever. Users will find attractive enhancements in each plasma and LCD TV offered by Panasonic in 2008. In terms of both features and performance, this impressive new line-up reflects Panasonic's quest to continually improve viewing quality, networking and environmentally conscious manufacturing.

V-real 3 and V-real PRO 3 Technology
"V-real" is the collective name for Panasonic's black-box imaging technologies, which have now evolved into the V-real 3 and V-real PRO 3 of the 2008 VIERA models. In the process, we redesigned every V-real device. We combined technologies that were originally developed to produce the HD camcorders that relay the excitement of the Olympic Games with technologies that were created by the Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory (PHL) for moviemaking. Image quality was scrutinized from every angle to give VIERA its deeply moving impact.

VIERA V-real 3 /V-real PRO 3 Processor
This key device processes the video signal it receives, outputting an extremely high-quality signal that helps create the beautiful, high-definition images that distinguish VIERA.

VIERA V-real 3 /V-real PRO 3 Driver
Our high-performance driver controls the drive power to optimize panel performance. The resulting images show every motion clearly and express each step of gradation in delicate detail.

Glare is suppressed for comfortable viewing
 Natural Vision FilterThis advanced filter keeps images sharp, with minimal glare. Whilst dramatically reducing reflections from external light, it helps to produce clear images. This filter creates a pure and wide range of colours, and crisp images.

Smooth gradation lends natural expression to images
5,120 Equivalent Steps of Gradation
A full 5,120 equivalent steps of gradation smoothly expresses each image. Outstanding gradation performance accurately depicts even the tiniest shades of colour in a sunset. It also supports the Deep Colour ( HDMITM V.1.3 ) standard, which is capable of expressing natural colours, to maximize the beautiful images of high-quality image sources.

 *Except PX80, PX8 Series


Fast-action images are also smooth and clear
100Hz Motion Picture Pro 2 with Motion Focus Technology
Even fast-moving scenes in sports events and action movies are displayed sharply and clearly. With 50Hz video signal input, Motion Picture Pro creates 100 frames/1 sec from 50 frames/1 sec. This increases the frame count to allow natural frame-to-frame transitions, which results in smooth motion images with high resolution. The VIERA LCD also detects areas with motion and activates backlight blinking for those areas only, greatly enhancing resolution.
*Only LZD800, LZD85 Series

Motion Picture Pro:
Creates frames by the high-precision motion vector detection with each direction.
Motion Focus Technology:
This makes items like a running scrolling text appear sharper and clearer. Pictures with significant motion are detected, and the backlight is optimized to improve the moving picture resolution.

Images are clear and crisp from any angle
178° Viewing Angle with the IPS Alpha Panel
The wide 178° viewing angle ensures clear images even when viewed from an angle. The backlight's wide transmission aperture enhances the contrast between light and dark, and improves motion-image response.
*Measurement at an angle where the contrast ratio is 10:1 or higher

Reproducing rich, deep blacks
High Contrast 10,000 : 1 with I.S.C. (Intelligent Scene Contorller)
Blacks are deepened by expanding the backlight tuning area. Improvements in panel contrast and the I.S.C. achieve a high dynamic contrast ratio of 10,000:1 or more.
* For use when using Dynamic mode

A luxurious clear panel
Clear Panel
The Clear Panel brings the unified VIERA design concept to LCD TVs. It provides a sharper-looking appearance, whilst also helping to display sharp, crisp images.
*Only LZD800 Series


Control everything with the VIERA remote
Enhanced VIERA Link
VIERA Link allows interlinked operation of various Panasonic AV devices using only the VIERA remote control, by simply connecting the devices to each other by an HDMI cable. Now enhanced with new features for 2008.

With a DIGA DVD Recorder
You can immediately start recording a programme that you are watching on TV with a DIGA DVD recorder by using the VIERA remote.
• Direct TV Rec. lets you quickly and easily record a programme you are currently watching.
• Pause Live TV lets you pause a programme you are currently watching, and then watch the remainder later.

With a Blu-ray Disc Player
The graphical user interface (GUI) makes it easy to operate a BD player or a home cinema system that uses a BD player.

With a Home Cinema Sound System
The entire Home Cinema Sound System can be turned on with a single press of the remote control button for immediate viewing enjoyment.

With an HD Camcorder
The VIERA remote control displays a control panel on the TV screen for playback, rewind and other camcorder operations.

Easily view photos on a large screen
HD Photo Viewer
The HD Photo Viewer provides a new photo viewing experience. Simply insert an SD Memory Card to display photos directly on the large screen. Photos are much more fun when you can view them on a large-screen HDTV with family and friends in 1920 x 1080-pixel high definition.

Easy enjoyment of HD images
AVCHD Playback
VIERA lets you enjoy high-resolution, full-HD video with superb motion-image expression and vivid colours. By simply inserting an SD Memory Card into the SD slot of a VIERA TV, full-HD (1920 x 1080) video clips recorded in AVCHD format with a Panasonic HD camcorder will fill the large TV screen.

What's AVCHD?
AVCHD is a standard developed jointly by Panasonic and Sony for HD Camcorders. Using highly efficient codec technologies, it records 1080i high-definition signals onto media such as 8-cm DVD discs and SD/SDHC Memory Cards. AVCHD allows an HD Camcorder to make long-time recordings of high-density video information onto a DVD disc or SD/SDHC Memory Card.

Optimal, waste-free light adjustment
Eco ModeThe TV adjusts the picture settings automatically depending on the ambient lighting conditions. The image brightness changes according to the level of room lighting to achieve an energy-saving operation.

Smart Design Sound SystemThe newly developed slim speaker unit allows a thinner design whilst maintaining the previous level of high sound quality. Also, by changing the damper of the woofer unit from cloth to rubber, the thickness has been reduced by 15 mm. This has made the entire speaker unit 38.7 mm slimmer.

Digital Optimiser
A digital noise detection circuit detects the areas and amounts of noise in each scene, and then applies the optimal noise reduction to combat it. All types of images come through noise-free.


Four HDMI InputsFor future expandability and ease of use, VIERA comes equipped with four* HDMI connector slots, one on the front and three on the rear.
*Only PZ800, LZD800 Series.

PC Input
VIERA is also equipped with a PC input terminal. For business users, the PC input lets you take advantage of VIERA's big screen and exceptional viewing quality in presentations and training programs.

Remote Control
The remote control unit is rounded to fit comfortably in your hand. The buttons are large, easy to press, and laid out for optimum ease of use. The buttons also have colours and markings that make them easy for anyone to identify and use.


Design concept: Horizontal Arch
Creating a flat surface that resembles the surface of water, the 2008 models feature a "one-sheet of glass design."
Thin, light and wide. Based on these three key words, this design combines functional beauty with formative art to harmonise with virtually any interior space.

Ahi tienes xD Saludosssssss
muchas gracias por la informacion josele6969, he podido traducirlo y aparentemente parece un buen tv, lo k no me ha kedado muy claro es si realmente es FULL HD, aunque todo hace indicar k si, tambien he hechado a faltar mas detalles tecnicos como el brillo, retraso etc.., pero bueno habra k esperar a final de mes para conocer mas detalles, aunke todo parece indicar k esta va a ser la indicada para ocupar el comedor.

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rectifico si k es FULL HD 100%
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