Evento de Sony el 6 de Mayo !

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Sony Computer Entertaiment Europe ( SCEE ) hara un evento el dia 6 de mayo ( algo tipo sony gamers days o como un E3 de sony ) y en el se haran muchos comunicados de prensa y "Se responderán muchas preguntas".

SCEE will be holding an invite-only media event in London on Tuesday, May 6th 2008. Unfortunately, we do not have exact details of where and when the event will be taking place but our source did say "many of your questions will be answered at that event, so keep an eye on the games press the following day." SCEE will release a number of press releases after the event, and the event itself can be streamed live from the Virtual Press Office. We speculate that SCEE will reveal the release schedule for PlayStation Home at the event and possible details about other upcoming titles.

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