Rumor: PS3 80 GB con retro y DS3 en Europa para el verano (pack MGS4)

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Europe May Get 80GB PlayStation 3 By Summer

Europeans saddled with nothing but 40GB worth of PlayStation 3 may have another option on the horizon, according to chatter from the scamps at CVG. Their retail pals indicate an 80GB model is incoming, with Sony Computer Entertainment reps doing a terrible job of denying it.

No comforting word on whether it will be partially backward compatible, as the current eighty gigger is, nor is there solid word on a potential pack-in. We wouldn't be at all surprised to see it packed in with some of next quarter's biggest releases, Grand Theft Auto IV and Metal Gear Solid IV.


80GB PS3 possibly coming to Europe this summer
Posted in General, PS3 by Aert on March 27th, 2008 at 1:32

UK based website CVG did some research by talking to a bunch of different retailers about a new PS3 unit coming to the UK and found out that it’s not entirely unlikely that there’ll be a new unit at the end of the summer.

In the US, the 80GB version still has backwards compatibility, and that’s one of the main reasons why a possible new unit would be interesting as many people are disappointed by the removal of this featur in the 40GB European unit. Also, if a new unit was to be released in the UK, it would also be quite likely that it would also find its way into other European countries. CVG also rang up Sony, but they obviously didn’t know anything about this.

A HMV staffer told us that, although he had been given no confirmed release date by the retailer, he expects the 80GB console will “very likely” hit the UK soon, especially considering the 40GB PS3’s inability to play PS2 games. The 80GB model in the US does include the functionally to play PS2 games.

UK cash and carry superstore chain, Costco, told a CVG reader that it was clearing out its supply of 40GB PS3 units in preparation for the arrival of the 80GB consoles some time soon. But it’s not the only retailer expecting the bigger console in the near future.
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