Capcom realizara 3 importantes anuncios

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Creo que se dijo que para PS3 no iba a ir ninguno, asi que no me hago ninguna esperanza.
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Como yo decia, aqui estan los anuncios.

Capcom has pulled back the blinds to show off the three secret titles it will be showing at the Tokyo Game Show 2007.

They are, and hold your breath: Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories on PS2 and PSP, Arcana Heart on PS2, and MotoGP on PS2.


Expect more clarification as the show swings into life over the next couple of days, with coverage spilling from the masked faces (well, hands) of dynamic duo Reed and Bramwell.

The full Capcom TGS line-up can be found on the official site.

Vice City Stories de PS2, Arcana Heart en PS2, y MotoGP en PS2.
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