Planes de Sony con su sintonizador.

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El director de Sony Europa, David Reeves, ha hablado sobre los planes de la compañia sobre el lanzamiento de su Sintonizador de TV PVR para PS3.

Reeves ha anunciado que los planes de la compañia son dejar pasar las navidades para que mas usuarios posean la consola, para mas tarde lanzar el periferico en una fecha entre Enero y Febrero.

Aun se desconoce el precio del periferico.

Announced at Leipzig, the incredible new HD PVR accessory for the PS3 looks to hit retailers some time in the beginning of 2008, after the holiday rush. In an interview with, SCEE head David Reeves revealed the difficulties of bringing the PVR system to PS3. "The PVR - it looks simple, but within it there's a lot of licences that you have to obtain. Sometimes you're just not sure if you're going to get that licence ... you know what Europe is like - we have to get safety compliance on a thing like a black box from, I don't know, fifteen or sixteen independent bodies."

Because of the difficulties facing licensing, Sony wasn't sure if building a system for PS3 was even possible. With all the pieces in place, it appears Sony will release the PVR in Europe early next year, after focusing on their key games this holiday. "We'd build up the installed base to Christmas, and then we'd put it out in January-February, which is what we're going to do, and people would then be able to buy it."

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