[Rumor] Emulador PS2 en PS3 próximamente

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We all know that the only PS3 consoles that came with full PS2 backwards compatiblility were the launch consoles, the 20GB and 60GB, which are now unavailable due to manufacturing costs. A lot of Playstation fans are disappointed because the 40GB, 80GB, and the soon-to-be-released 120 GB consoles don’t support full PS2 backward compatability. If you are looking to upgrade from a Playstation 2 to a Playstation 3, I would strongly suggest to keep your Playstation 2 because you won’t be able to play your Playstation 2 titles with the Playstation 3 consoles out in the market today.

If VideoGameCentral is to be believed, it is stated in their product description of a 80GB Console that there is a Playstation 2 Emulator available for download, which is the only way to play PS2 games for our PS3 consoles that are not backwards compatible. Is there something Sony’s not telling us? Could Sony be releasing a PS2 Emulator? Will it be on the 2.50 Firmware that is coming out soon?

Now is the time for PS3 80GB Console. In fact there is no reason now not to get the Sony Playstation 3, especially at this new lower price with all it’s hi-def bells & whistles. The new 80-Gig PS3 System features the ability to play PS3 Games, Blu-rays & DVD movies (PS2 Games can be played when downloading Sony’s PS2 emulator software online). Also connect to the internet for free online play & downloadable games! To date, the PlayStation3 is the strongest gaming system available and also the lowest price true high definition Blu Ray Movie Player.

UPDATE:There is a huge chance we will get this emulator! Why? Look at the XBOX 360, it doesnt have a special chip inside that can play XBOX games. They emulate so the PS2 Emulation is indeed possible. When? I don’t know. Sony wouldn’t just abandon the Playstation 2 or 5 years from now. Let’s just hope for the best!

Don’t FORGET, the first 80GB Console that surfaced used a SOFTWARE EMULATOR that plays Playstation 2 games. This applies as well to the 60GB PAL Console that uses SOFTWARE EMULATOR as well. So the debate whether SOFTWARE EMULATION is possible will always be there. We’ll just until the Playstation 2 officially dies and Sony will release it.

Resumiendo muy brevemente (no tengo ganas de traducir xD)... Desde una web de venta de videojuegos y consolas ponen en la descripción de la PS3 80GB que se podrá emular próximamente juegos de Ps2 en PS3 por medio de un software que podremos adquirir de forma online.

Puede que haya sido un descuido de la propia web o que el listo de turno se lo haya inventado, pero ahí esta eso y aún no lo han quitado.

Quizás anuncien eso en el TGS? Será una buena noticia para aquellos que no pudiesen pillarla en su momento por hardware.
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