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Sorry for writing in English but there is a simple reason: To be able to participate in this event and to become a Beta Trial member you must be able to speak and write in English

As you probably know, Home has functionality which allows users to create and launch Warhawk games and the Beta Trialists are currently testing and feeding back on this. We want more people testing this, so we are offering 10 Beta Trial positions for the Warhawk players.

This is how we'll work it.

During the Warhawk Events on Friday (4th and 11th of July) we will run 5 matches where you have to kill me, trinitri. At the end of the game, the two players with the highest “Kill trinitri” points in total will be offered a position in the Beta Trial program!


Date: Friday 4th of July 2008 and Friday 11th of July 2008
Time: 21.00 pm
Server: [ES] Kill trinitri
Password: trinitri

For more information about the responsibilities of being a Beta Tester please click here and home beta here.

Please note that, to be accepted as a Beta Tester, you need to be over 18 years of age, and be able to write feedback in English. If you do not qualify on both these grounds, unfortunately we will not be able to offer a Beta Trial invitation.

In addition to that you need have a Spanish acount and to own a European PS3 and the European version of Warhawk.

Hope to see you soon

A ver lo que viene a decir es que desde el 4 al 11 de julio, a las 22:00 sony hara una sala en el warhawk donde entrara una de sus chicas (tryniti) quien mas veces le gane se llevara una de las 10 invitaciones que se regalan a home

La sala es:

Server: [ES] Kill trinitri
Password: trinitri

Requisitos: tener +18, saber ingles tener una cuenta europea el warhawk version europea.

Bueno pues alos que se os de bien el juego ojo al dato.
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