OMG,OMG!!! es mi fantasia echa realidad!!

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Es Devil May Cry para el PSP !!!!

OMG siempre desde que tengo mi PSP siempre sone con jugar Devil May Cry en la PSP, era una fantasia que yo tenia desde que me la compre el ano pasado y ahora parece que no ,OMG no lo puedo creer DMC para el PSP.
estoy muy contento acabo de brincar de mi silla cuando me entere de la noticia ,WOW!!!

si,si es Devil May Cry on PSP !!!!

' ' Yesterday we brought you some details on the PlayStation 3 debut of Devil May Cry. Now, we bring you the news that Capcom is planning to deliver this successful franchise to the PSP. CVG has noticed that on the Japanese site for Capcom, there is a note about bringing Dante and company to Sony's little handheld.

The only information given is that the game will be in the "stylish action" genre of gameplay. Tomorrow, the countdown on the DMC teaser site ends, so maybe we'll get more info by then. But, until that time, feel free to speculate. ' '
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