Vídeo sorpresa de Metal Gear Solid 4.

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Este es un vídeo sorpresa de MGS 4 sacado de la Tokio Game Show, aunque tampoco es tan gran cosa.



Meryl: "That's enough!!! Big Boss-influenced CQC, huh? Lower your weapon, slowly! Don't try anything stupid!
Snake: "Fox?"
Meryl: "Snake?!"
Snake: "Meryl?"
Meryl: "Snake is that you?? Your face? What happened?
Snake: "I am aging rapidly. I don't know why..."
Meryl: "No..."
Snake: "Meryl, aren't you an informant of the US army?"
Meryl: "Well, aren't you an investigator sent by the UN?"
Meryl:" Akiba!"
Akiba: "Yes commander! I am sorry m'am..."
Meryl: "This is Rat Patrol Team 01. We're with the CID - one of the bodies investigating PMC activities.
Snake: "Rat Unit from Foxhound?? Here take it, its yours. Its ID-tagged and has no use for me.

Iniciado por Vandal
Parece ser que es el primer encontronazo de Snake con Meryl y su grupo.
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