Assassin´s Creed

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Es que los desarrolladores son los creadores del Prince of Persia. . Segun las ultimas noticias, han presentado una demo in-game de PS3 a puerta cerrada para la prensa y me quedo con estas dos frases:

"a level of nuanced detail like we haven't seen before in any previous game"

"will be subquests to undertake, alliances to forge, secrets to discover, and, hopefully, all the other aspects of a free-roaming world that we've come to enjoy. But it's truly just the level of detail on display in Assassin's Creed that has us so impressed, in addition to the art direction as a whole. We can't wait to see more of this game, but we'll patiently wait for it to come together so that it might live up to all of its potential"

Pasa el E3 y se va demostrando que la Playstation 3 hace mucho más de lo que se veia en la conferencia.

Fuente: GameSpot
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