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Bueno Según Engadget en inglés, fuentes de Sony han confirmado el lanzamiento para mañana por lo menos en USA del esperado firmware 2.00.

Parece que no vamos a tener la esperada función de acceso a nuestra músiquita desde los juegos, aqui confirman nuevamente lo que hasta ahora se anunció para esta actualización:

Remote Start - Energy savings:No need to leave your PS3 on all day while you periodically access it with your PSP during coffee breaks.

Information Board - Scrolling headlines, handpicked by Sony for Sony. (Thankfully, you can disable the ticker until a later update, when Sony plans to let you import your own RSS feeds.)

Themes - Create. Share. Love. Ain't that what community is all about? [Joystiq's pick for 'Best New Feature'; customize backgrounds, icons and fonts with companion PC software; supported by and PlayStation Store.]
XMB Color Selector - Take control of the mood.

Music & Photo Playlists - But no Music-Photo playlists.

Additional Sorting Options - Now you can sort your music ... (ready for this?) ... by year!

DualShock 3 support - A "last-gen" feature renewed (without a US release date).

PLAYSTATION Network XMB group - Attention: PlayStation Store has moved to a new icon.
Canon printer support - 'Cause even game consoles need to print things.
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