Tutorial para la instalacion de demos descargados previamente en el PC

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He visto este tema en EOL, y creo interesante postearlo aquí. No pongo las URLs para descargar las demos por si se considera piratería, que JoseLuis nos resuelva la duda .

Playstation 3 Proxyserver Tutorial For Installing Games Via PC version 1.1
By DimmuJed

1. Open up network connection on your PC
2. Right click on the connection you are using (wireless or direct connect both work fine), and click status.
3. Click the Support tab at the top.
4. Take note of your IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway. (Always check your IP Address when doing this, the rest shouldn't change.)

PS3 Instructions
5. Turn on your PS3
6. Go to settings then down to network settings
7. Go to Internet Connection Settings, pick yes when asked if you want to continue
8. Pick if you are wired or wireless, press right
9. Pick custom Address Settings, press right
10. Auto-Detect the operation mode of the network device, press right
11. Ip Address Setting pick Auto.
12.Pick auto MTU, press right
13. Pick Proxy Use, press right
14. Enter the IP address of your computer (IP Address from step 4)
15. Pick UpNp enabled (doesn't matter much)
16. Confirm settings
17. Don't test, and go back to the normal PS3 Menu (aka XMB)

18. Download the PS3 ProxyServer Installer from here http://www.ps3news.com/forums/downlo...o=file&id=3666
19. Install that
20. Run it (you may have to find it in your program files listed under C:/program files and then it will be in a bunch of Chinese? letters) Then the file will be PS3.Proxyserver.gui
21. Once the program is open you will see IP followed by Chinese letters. Enter your computers IP here (found in step 4)
22. Leave the 8080 there
23. Check the box beside the PS3 followed by Chinese Letters, and then click the big box with Chinese letters in it, the Chinese word will switch when the button is clicked.

24. Go to the PS3 store (if it loads YOU'RE GOOD, and so am I.)
25. Go to the demos and download any demo till it hits 1% aka one percent

26. Go back to the PS3 ProxyServer program, and click the second tab at the top.
27. If all goes well you will see two identical website addresses
28. Copy one of the addresses
29. Open the third tab and click the button on the right with Chinese letters
30. Then on the left paste the Address you copied in step 34
31. Open a web browser and download what you are going to be installing to the PS3 via these links:


32. Open one of these in a web browser and download the file to someplace you will remember
33. Keep the file the default name it sends
34. After downloading go back to the PS3 ProxyServer GUI, and on the third tab, click the little dot to the right of the right box.
35. Locate your file that you want to install, click it, and then click open

36. Go back to the playstation store
37. Go to the demo you downloaded only 1% of earlier
38. Download it again (only this time it will download the file from your PC that you downloaded in step 32 and install that)

If all goes well the game/demo should install, though many appear unworking, but keep working!

edited guide version 1.1 by DimmuJed from PS3News.com


1.Necesitas un router, una PS3, un PC, PS3 ProxyServer Installer, y conexión a internet.

2.Pon la IP de tu router en

3.Pon la IP de tu PC en – Puerta de enlace en

4.Pon la IP de tu PS2 en

5.En ProxyServer, introduce la IP de tu PC y el puerto 8080

6.Finaliza, pero no pruebes la conexión

7.Abre PS3 ProxyServer

8.Marca la casilla “PS3” y haz clic en el botón grande. En ese momento, entra en la PS Store e intenta descargar una demo.

9.Ahora ve a la tercera pestaña de PS3ProxyServer. Justo debajo de ella, en el espacio en blanco, verás la dirección URL de la demo que intentas descargar.

10.Descárgala desde tu PC y llámala como quieras.

11.Ahora descarga la demo desde tu PS3, verás como en vez de descargarla online la descargará desde tu PC y procederá a instalarla.

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