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aqui os dejo un listado con el "apodo" de las cartas segun la combinacion que tengas, esto es en el teXas hold,em ....

AA Pocket Rockets, Bullets, American Airlines, Weapons of Mass Destruction, The Two Eyes of Texas, Alcoholics Anonymous, The Bishops/Cabañas,Poblado indio, Cámping, Casetas, Alcoholicos Anómimos,Aerolineas Argentinas
AK Big Slick, Walking Back to Houston, Anna Kournikova (looks nice, but never wins)
AQ Big Chick
AJ Ajax, Black Jack, Jack-ass
AT Johnny Moss
A8 La mano del muerto
A9 Driving the Truck (Rounders)
A5 High Five
A2 Little Slick
KK Cowboys, The Boys, King Kong, Kinkerbells
KJ Kojak, King Jackoff (if it's offsuit)
KT Señor Ten
K9 Canine (La mano del perro)
Kh The Suicide King
Kd The Man with the Battle Axe
QQ The Ladies, The Bitches, Las Puta's, The Hilton Sisters, Siegfried & Roy, Canadian Aces
Q3 San Francisco Bus Boy (the Gay Waiter; "a queen with a tray")
Qs The Black Mariah, The Bitch
JJ Fish Hooks, Frank & Ronald
JTs La Perla
Js, Jh One-eyed Jacks
T5 Nickels and Dimes
T4 Roger That, Over and Out
T2 Doyle Brunson, Texas Dolly
95 Day Job Hand, Dolly Parton (from the film '9 to 5')
88 The Snowmen/Cacahuetes
86o The Dal
83 Double Down
82 Sixty Nine (I ate too)
77 Walking Sticks, Mullets, Sunset Strip/Banderas
69 Big Lick, Breakfast of Champions, Dinner for Two, Happy Meal, Gutter Slut
55 Presto, Speed Limit
44 Sailboats, Magnum/Sillas
33 Treys, Crabs
22 Deuces, Ducks, Quack-Quack, Mini Me (never looses?)/Patitos
AKQJT Broadway
A2345 The Wheel
KKKxx The Alabama Night Riders
777xx The Slot Machine
AA88x Dead Man's Hand (Wild Bill Hickok had this hand when he was shot in the back and killed in 1876.)
KK99x Two Dogs
JJ55x Motown ("Jacks 'n Fives")
T8652 "Nothing"
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