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Saludos foreros, debido a que no hay ningun post oficial ni web en directo con video, hablando de esto, yo os informare minuto a minuto de lo que ocurre. Actualizad cada minuto.

19:34.38 -
"That's it - thank you for coming."

19:34.13 -
He reckons all this can excite and entertain everyone in the family.

19:34.09 -
Davey Reevesy is back and announcing the end of the press conference. He's just wrapping up.

19:33.14 -
Team two won. I have no idea who was on it, but good work them. The band are wandering off now.

19:28.56 -
Keza's excited. She loves these guys. And I can feel my knees again!

19:28.48 -
They're about to demonstrate SingStar Deutsch Rock-Pop. Good work Keza. At first they laughed at karaoke, says spiky hair singing man. But then in the middle of the 90s he experienced SingStar and karaoke become something he was into. He's talking about a party he was at.

19:28.03 -
They're playing SingStar and shouting "scheisse" a lot. SingStar Die Toten Hosen. They're on stage! Woo!

19:24.17 -
"Thank you very much." No no, thank you. Reevesaaay is back, I think, but can't see due to a poorly placed man in a rubbish shirt.

19:23.57 -
He's talking about "emergent play" now, and adapting to the CPU and all I can think about is how my knee is never going to heal.

19:22.57 -
All 22 players are making 1000 decisions a second, he says. It boggles his mind, says mystery man. Calls it a level of intelligence never seen before in a football game. Stand up Rob Styles

19:22.04 -
"Almost a little bit like atomic sequencing", he says. You'll be able to play as yourself in FIFA Interactive World Cup, he says, not just real life players like PEOPLE'S HERO PETER CROUCH.

19:21.27 -
They're playing FIFA 08. It's obviously a bit further on from the proof of concept stuff I saw in May. They're talking about the "organic building-block skill moves" and how you use the right stick to build those up

19:20.29 -
Apparently they made FIFA 08 for PS3 by making the game work well on Cell

19:19.30 -
Some fellow whose name I missed is going to demonstrate FIFA 08. He's not one of the ones I met in Vancouver, who were all lovely. He seems alright though

19:18.11 -
You can look on the Internet to find out about the FIFA Interactive World Cup, says Chuck. And you can register on the PlayStation booth

19:17.28 -
He says it's going to be great. Which is probably his job, in all honesty.

19:17.14 -
You wouldn't care if I did type this stuff, to be honest. From October 2007 to May 2008 you get to "show off your gaming skills at more than 20 physical qualifying events" and others on that Internet. The best 32 get face off at the Sony Centre in Berlin in May 2008.

19:16.27 -
He says the FIFA Interactive World Cup is an excellent platform for the global something or other

19:15.42 -
Players all around the world will compete using FIFA 08 to play. They're going to help explain it more and all that by introducing FIFA's Chuck Blazer (real name, surely a fake beard).

19:14.54 -
He's going to tell us about a partnership.

19:14.48 -
Change of subject!

19:14.46 -
That's UK and Ireland, mind. But he says they're "active" in French discussions, and will be turning their attention to Spain and Germany "in the very near future".

19:13.31 -
Man United are on the PSP screen holding up the Premiership trophy.

19:13.25 -
We're going to see some of the content the download service might deliver. Film actors and actresses bounce around the screen, including Bruce Willis, a penguin, Robbie Coltrane, a fireman, Jose Mourinho, PEOPLE'S HERO PETER CROUCH, and the England cricket team "in happier times" if you ask me

19:12.31 -
There'll be a choice of options for payment - subscriptions and so on. Pay-per-view options too. Customers will be able to download their programmes via PC to their PSP, or alternatively via Wi-Fi.

19:11.44 -
"This is the first time Sky will offer video content through a non Sky branded service," says Dave, who's doing well up there. Better than me.

19:11.30 -
Sky content spanning sports, entertainments, sports, probably some sport and other Sky stuff.

19:10.56 -
But now they're talking about it. He says Sky reckons PSP is the ideal handheld for high definition video wotsits. It won't be available on any other handheld console or mobile device, he says. Gizmondo is in trouble!

19:10.40 -
Seems like the reason they pre-announced the TV on demand service was Sky's financials had to be stated in July.

19:10.26 -
It's perfect for "any car driver or any PSP owner" apparently.

19:09.14 -
A menu allows you to pick the route and then travel along it as a little blue arrow. Road names and other locational info splash up on the screen, in much the same way lactic acid is splashing out of my knees.

19:08.47 -
They are then shown a big swanky overhead map, and you can zoom around it in semi-3D too, seeing landmarks stand up against the landscape.

19:08.32 -
That was me, not them. They are selecting it by typing in a place name (or post code), and then a street name, and then selecting it from a list of suggested options.

19:08.07 -
He's showing us a route from the Houses of Parliament to Trafalgar Square (GET A BUS!).

19:07.44 -
Go! Explore is a sat-nav wotsit that helps you avoid speed cameras, restaurants and other things, says Dave. I suppose you could use it to find them too. Weirdo

19:06.53 -
And now he's going to show Go! Explore. But first he's going to say nice things about a pair of BT men. Well done, BT men. You made a grey train station.

19:06.40 -
Go! Messenger, then. For talking to people who aren't next to you. With a PSP.

19:06.04 -
Nope, still nothing. There's a grey train station on top of a grey planet with blue lines flying over the top of it

19:05.44 -
I would type things, but they're really not showing much. Just some spinning PSPs and cityscapes.

19:05.37 -
It will work with lifestyle-style swishing of graphics and shonky music by the sound of it.

19:05.25 -
Let's see how the service will work, Dave. "Let's see how the service will work." I just said that. "January next year."

19:05.15 -
You'll need the camera though, obviously. IT'S NOT MAGIC, BOFFINS.

19:05.09 -
A firmware update in the New Year will add a program to do video chats and instant messages over Wi-Fi with other users anywhere in the world.

19:04.57 -
Go! Messenger is the first one. It's being done with BT, so presumably it'll be good until you need to move house.

19:04.47 -
He's announced the new "Go!" brand. It's for entertainment and services. The Go! camera is already out, obviously - but he's got three new ones to announce! Woo!

19:04.01 -
My knees are now basically dead. I will never walk again. I hope you're happy.

19:03.55 -
I apologise - red on the front, black on the back. That'll teach me to type things before he's done a pirouette, won't it?

19:03.31 -
Due to launch on 5th September. Two special limited edition colours available as a bundle: Simpsons-themed yellow one, and a red and black Spider-Man one

19:01.42 -
He's saying PSP Slim and Lite will be coming to Europe in early September, and that we'll get black, silver and white models. He's holding it up

19:01.30 -
Rupert tells me to tell you that our Xbox Live integration is live on Eurogamers. What has this got to do with Sony conference? Nothing.

19:01.17 -
And that's it for PSP trailers. Clapsing!

19:01.08 -
Echochrome again - pretty much what we've seen before. They're all up for about five seconds. God of War looks like God of War PS2. Kratos is fighting people. Smash, crash.

19:00.35 -
I missed the name of that one. Patasomething [Piyotama, maybe - Ed]. There's a woman's head in my way. I wish she'd die or something

18:59.38 -
WipEout Pulse looks PULSATING. Pursuit Force looks FORCEFUL. ATV Pro Something Or Other looks INDISTINCT. Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow looks SHADOWY

18:59.05 -
Oh, he's not going to demo it - he's going to show a PSP trailer reel.

18:58.45 -
Coming to both PSP and PS3, remember.

18:58.41 -
Ooh, Echochrome.

18:58.38 -
Also looking forward to stuff on PSP like Pursuit Force, God of War: Chains of Olympus and WipEout Pulse.

18:58.29 -
Due out before the end of the year in PAL territories. Or you could just make a fake Japanese account and get it off there, probably, a friend told me.

18:58.01 -
Quite a few of them.

18:57.57 -

18:57.52 -
The course is a proper race-track, unlike the one off the first Prologue. There's stadium stands, banners, gravel traps.

18:56.55 -
Light flicks across its silvery curves. And we're looking at the game! There's grass next to the track! And cars on it! They're moving very quickly! Possibly in some sort of contest to see who can race around the track quickest out of the ones who are on it.

18:56.05 -
More shiny cars. None of them is actually driving around yet. Ooh! Darker, moodier music! A shiny, shinier car!

18:55.54 -
Would you believe that the cars are shiny? I scarcely can. The slightly sinister Gran Turismo elevator music is playing. Mechanics and drivers stand around VERY SHINY cars

18:54.58 -
He's going to show us a new video now. I'd try standing up but I think the ligaments have gone bye-bye

18:54.24 -
Many of us will be eagerly awaiting the latest instalment of Gran Turismo, says Reeves. And Kazunori Yamauchi is here at Leipzig for the first time ever. He's in the audience

18:53.48 -
I've got really bad cramp in my legs now. We're on weird little green Sony stools. I don't usually ask for sympathy, readers, but WILL ME WELL.

18:53.18 -
Reevesy reckons it's the perfect game for integrating disc-based content with PSN blah blah bespoke rah rah

18:52.26 -
Premium content. Downloadable question packs.

18:52.17 -
Which is probably why it's called that.

18:52.12 -
You can create your own quiz questions, too, with Create A Quiz.

18:51.55 -
Buzz wants more, he says. Internet play, for example. "Strangers are just people you haven't humiliated yet."

18:51.42 -
"We've got everything on one disc." Movies, sport, telly, etc.

18:51.24 -
"For the first time in Buzz, me, you, anyone can choose the topics you want."

18:51.11 -
Questions about soap operas in Pass The Bomb. Someone explodes. It looks like PS2 Buzz but with more graphicsability

18:50.41 -
Buzz coming to PS3 with Buzz! Quiz TV. It's another of those embargoed news stories on the main page, look!

18:49.37 -
He's introducing MGS4. Now he's speaking Japanese. I don't know why. Maybe if he spent a bit more time selling PS3s than learning languages people would stop slagging him off

18:48.46 -
"Good - I hope you enjoyed it," says Dave.

18:48.34 -
GT5 Prologue. It looks like the other GT HD Prologue wotsit. "All coming Christmas 2007 on PlayStation 3."

18:48.21 -
Eye of Judgement. Guitars and drums, pirate ships and men on horses. STOP GOING SO FAST SONY.

18:48.07 -
Lair's out fairly soon if I recall correctly. Stirring music plays as dragons swoop. Oh god they've moving on. Folklore. Green, red, blue, a man is in my way.

18:47.35 -
WarHawk is shown. He's zooming around, running around, driving around, sniping around, and morphing into Lair via a splash screen.

18:47.09 -
Heavenly Sword. Bits from the demo and elsewhere. Snowy bits, grassy bits, Nariko's bits

18:46.46 -
And now a bit of SingStar. Video of girls singing. LIFESTYLE.

18:46.40 -
It looks mostly as good as that old target footage. WipEout HD looks pretty sexy for a PSN game.

18:45.55 -
Little bit of downtime there. Not to worry - he's just showing a trailer reel. Uncharted's up.

18:45.45 -
Heavenly Sword is a bit good, he reckons. Look out for it on 14th September in UK, 19th in Europe. Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune are the sorts of things he's into, by the sound of it.

18:43.18 -
"We should not forget the games," Reevesy points out.

18:43.14 -
Someone starts clapping and the rest of the audience picks it up. To launch in UK and a few others early next year, with the rest of the PAL territories to follow

18:42.55 -
Took just a few seconds to get going. He can switch back to the EPG on PSP and start watching his live channel immediately.

18:42.43 -
Can play live TV or every programme you've recorded on the way back home. The PlayTV library is pulled up on Mark's PSP, and he's now watching it on his PSP. Or would be, if the demo was working. Ah, there it is

18:42.07 -
Connectivity between PSP and PS3 means you can use PlayTV's advantages on the go. The Remote Play feature helps PSP become "your very own live TV viewer".

18:41.21 -
There's a thumbnail viewer of programmes which takes up the whole screen. If you select a snapshot it will play a 15-second clip so you can make sure it was the one you thought it was.

18:40.44 -
You can launch recorded videos directly from the library.

18:40.26 -
He's showing a football match happening live, through PS3. It's all future-proofed to support HDTV, too. The Episode Guide (EPG) comes up in a fairly swanky PS3-style interface.

18:39.58 -
He's introducing Mark Bunting from Worldwide Studios Cambridge. He's demoing it.

18:39.22 -
"What better excuse would there be to buy both a PS3 and a PSP?"

18:39.17 -
You can export recorded videos to your PSP.

18:39.13 -
"Some of the more observant of you will have picked up that Freeview is also launching in New Zealand early next year." I did, Dave! I did!

18:39.02 -
It allows you to record a TV programme while watching another. Can receive SD and HD signals. Will receive Freeview, too.

18:38.07 -
Sorry Dave. It's the heat, I swear. It's built around a small peripheral containing two small free-to-air TV tuners. He's holding it up. It looks like a sunglasses case.

18:37.54 -
"PlayTV will turn your PS3 into the centre of your entertainment experience." Snoooooore.

18:37.04 -
He wants to talk about it as an entertainment hub first.

18:36.57 -
PS3 first. "A stunning games machine." Got one yet?

18:36.22 -
Tekken 5's sold 103k, Flow 47k, Supr Rub a Dub 35k and Calling all Cars 31k. And someone near me is smoking, which is really helping.

18:36.07 -
645,000 PS3 accounts have signed up for the Network. "That's almost half our installed base for PS3 in Europe." 186 pieces of content available, download tie ratio of 12:1.

18:35.36 -
He's basically saying what it is. If you don't know what it is yet, use Google.

18:34.38 -
PlayStation Network time!

18:34.34 -
Says the price drop prompted a 40 per cent uplift in sales for PAL markets over the following weeks.

18:34.22 -
PSP has installed base of 8.6 million units in PAL territories, he says. And over 320 games available.

18:33.33 -
Promises "more fun" with SingStar "German style" later.

18:33.24 -
He's pointed to Phil Harrison and thanked him for bringing social gaming to Europe. A spontaneous smatter of applause from the audience.

18:33.12 -
More females are playing games now than in 2004! Woo! Ladies - it's tom [at] eurogamer [dot] net.

18:32.42 -
Social gaming is somthing he's quite chuffed about. "This year SingStar titles have been top of the charts in six territories."

18:32.31 -
Almost 5 million PS2s sold in Germany. He points to sales in emerging markets as a key driver. Russia in particular is doing well with over a 40 per cent share of recent growth.

18:31.54 -
On to PS2. "Sales of hardware and software continue to exceed all our expectations." Biggest installed base globally in the history of the industry. Over 500 million pieces of software produced. "And it's still outselling our dear colleagues Xbox 360 weekly by a ratio of three to one."

18:31.06 -
He refers to the Starter Pack, which he says added EUR 170 of added value. He says consumers and retail have reacted well, and sales have risen over 240 per cent in Germany in the first week of sale. In the three weeks following its introduction, it prompted 61 per cent growth overall.

18:30.13 -
Over 65 titles will be available for PS3 in Europe by Christmas, he says.

18:30.00 -
PS3 had a "stunning" launch in Europe, he says. 13 million units of software sold to consumers throughout Europe. Resistance and MotorStorm top selling titles - both million-sellers worldwide, and nearly 500k each in Europe.

18:29.43 -
Time for some key sales performance detail for each of their formats. He says he's not going to take long on this. Good - my knees already hurt!

18:29.29 -
"Our key strategic objective ... is to grow not just our share of the market, but to help grow the overall size of the market for interactive entertainment in Europe" and elsewhere.

18:28.33 -
PS3 actually enjoyed a faster curve than PS2 did in the first three months, he says. He calls it "an impressive pattern of growth".

18:28.25 -
He's projecting 140m PlayStation consoles in PAL territories by 2010.

18:28.18 -
TV based consoles up by 66 per cent, handhelds by 316 per cent. Software sales for TV based consoles up by 200 per cent, and handheld by 900 per cent. We're as riveted as you are.

18:26.59 -
He's showing a graph of units sold across PAL regions and he says that competition between games and hardware contributes to a "healthy" and "vibrant" industry. "All the growth trend lines are upward."

18:26.50 -
But first, he's going to talk about growth. "This is not a new topic," he concedes, but he's not apologising for mentioning it again.

18:25.38 -
"Games Convention is even more important and influential than normal this year." On with the news. "Games Convention is primarily about new games" and he's going to show us some, he says.

18:24.35 -
He's here with the German Sony director and some "key announcements" for PlayStation and the European market. Now he's translating himself into German. Meanwhile, why not read all those announcements in the embargoed news we just posted.

18:23.32 -
David Reeves is taking the stage.

18:23.25 -
Right, we're in. Sorry for late start [and he was late - Ed]. Trailer reel is up - PS3 games, shockingly. Uncharted, DMC4, Ratchet - a montage of fun exploding onto a 60-foot screen in front of people who had to really sweat for their seats.

18:21.54 -
They're in. Any minute now we'll be getting messages from the other side.

18:18.07 -
Tom and Pat are standing in a very big queue outside the conference. Reports suggest it is hot and stuffy and Pat is getting fed up.
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